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3E Leadership Page

What is Leadership 3E?

Our goal is to Equip, Encourage, and Empower our FCA student & adult leaders!  We have over 200 student leaders involved this year and we MUST train them up!  So on a monthly basis we plan to email from our office a word of encouragement and a challenge to equip our leaders!

We are excited about our annual FCA Leadership Camp this summer (July 18-22,2020). Check out the Camp page for more information.


Student & Adult Huddle Leader & Volunteer Training

Training takes place every Fall, with follow up training throughout the year!

Huddle Lessons and Ideas


B—Bless one person a week who goes to FCA and one who doesn’t.

Blessing someone can be as simple as praying for someone (let them know and do it), pick up their lunch tray, etc. Can be as complex as finding out their family needs help and organizing a group to help them (I can help you with this)

E—Eat with one person a week who doesn’t go to FCA.

I understand this can be hard to eat with someone, but what we’re looking for is to have a more meaningful conversation with someone.

L—Learn by reading the Bible.

Go through Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

L—Listen. Pray for an hour a week (which is about 8 minutes a day).

Don’t forget to listen during this time!

S—Sent. We are supposed to be a sent people

At least once a week, do some evaluation. Where was I obedient and worked with what I felt God was telling me and where did I resist His promptings. I would encourage you to journal this.

Submitted by Scott Rupp; Pettisville HS Adult Huddle Leader