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We are excited about the new school year and all that God has in store for our campuses!  

FCA MUST stand out from all other clubs and organizations, because we are the living body of Jesus Christ with a powerful mission!  This year, we are asking all FCA Campus Huddles to fully engage and participate in making sure that the message of Jesus Christ is clear, our mission is clear, and that we are intentional about making an eternal impact.

I'm pumped about what God will do in NW Ohio and Southern Michigan this year!  Let's all join in praying that God gets all the glory!


What makes a Campus Huddle successful?

Huddle Leader and Student Leader Training

Every Fall and Spring we encourage Huddle Leaders to attend our area training. Unfortunately, busy schedules and conflicts arise and not everyone can attend our training opportunities. So, at this website we hope to encourage you with two resources.

1. Local Training: Contact our office or staff to set up a personal training time in your school!

2. Online Help: FCA resources are available in one place, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can now browse over 1,700+ free FCA resources, share the resources for free with friends via text, email or post to your profile. Find devotional challenges, Bible studies, icebreakers, outreach ideas, videos, podcasts skits, wallpaper, articles, and more! Visit now! On-line training, social networking, and a discipleship program for athletes and coaches! You can view the site now at - enjoy!

What makes a Campus Huddle successful?

You should have a team of adults and students working together. If you are the only adult – recruit a few more! You should have 2-3 students minimum on your leadership team. Then what?

Prayer: Always begin your Leader’s meetings and Huddles with prayer. Prayer is not the last thing we do, it’s the first thing we do!

Prepare: You should have a team that prepares together. Make a commitment to be ALL IN!

Are you all in? 

  • Are you committed to Jesus Christ?
  • Are you committed to your Huddle?
  • Are you committed to share with your teammates and peers?

Our leaders should:

1. Seek God’s direction for the Huddle Ministry through personal prayer and Bible study.

2. Demonstrate leadership and live a consistent Christian life that models Jesus to your peers.

3. Complete Student Leader Application and return it to Adult Huddle Leader. (Optional)

4. Use personal gifts and talents to help plan and implement FCA ministry on your campus.

Keep your leadership meetings focused and productive (what are you trying to accomplish?)

When preparing your lesson, ask “What is God doing in your life right now?” What is God teaching you? Make it your lesson…own it. Just repeating someone else’s lesson is okay…but sharing what God is whispering (or shouting) into your life is better.

When praying and preparing for your Huddle lesson, ask:

  • What do you believe?
  • What are you going to do about it?
  • What can you do together?

The last few minutes of your Huddle is crucial! Make sure you “Break the Huddle!” Like football, you huddled up to call a play. What is the play call of your FCA Huddle? There must always be a call to action. The challenge is to believe it, do it, and…DO it together! That is the Huddle!

Make sure your Huddles are Student-Led, or at least student-initiated.

Send me your pictures and stories! I love sharing those on our website, weekly emails, and social media.

Finally, promote!

  • Look at FCA Resources website to creatively promote your Huddle.
  • Keep a consistent time for your Huddle meetings and have a plan for bad weather.

Ministry Leader Application Form (MLA)

If you are an adult and desire to serve in the FCA ministry, complete and submit a MLA form.  This form is necessary and aids our staff in supervising our volunteers. 

Ministry Leader Application Form (MLA)

The Huddle Ministry of Buckeye Border

Listed are the schools currently participating in the Huddle or Team Time Ministry in the Buckeye Border Area.

College Campus:

Adrian College

Defiance College


High School Campus:

Addison High School

Archbold High School

Antwerp High School

Bryan High School

Clinton High School

Defiance High School

Delta High School      

Edgerton High School

Evergreen High School         

Fairview High School

Fayette High School 

Hicksville High School           

Hilltop High School     

Hudson High School

Liberty Center High School

Madison High School

Montpelier High School

Morenci High School   

North Central High School

Onsted High School

Pettisville High School 

Sand Creek High School          

Stryker High School          

Tinora High School

Wauseon High School



Middle School Campus:

Addison Middle School

Archbold Middle School         

Bryan Middle School 

Clinton Middle School

Delta Middle School

Evergreen Middle School

Hicksville Middle School

Hilltop Middle School

Hudson Middle School

Liberty Center Middle School

Montpelier Middle School      

Morenci Middle School

North Central Middle School

Onsted Middle School

Pettisville Middle School

Wauseon Middle School

Napoleon Elementary School! 

Coming Soon! YOU?