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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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ONE in Action

Our BIGGEST goal yet!

"ONE in Action!" As discussed at our Training event, we are seeking to live out this year's theme "ONE" by working together as ONE FCA Team to do something that's never been done before! But we need everyONE to be involved!

This is our effort to make an impact for Jesus Christ as ONE area! We understand that many schools, organizations, and individuals have already made efforts to help those in need. However, the Hurricanes have created a huge mess that will extend the needs of those affected for years to come.  Our goal is to give one large sum next Spring when most people have forgotten about those who will still be hurting and needing assistance.

GOAL: The Buckeye Border FCA Area will collect $30,000 for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma relief.

Who? All schools in the Buckeye Border FCA Area (Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Paulding, Williams Counties in Ohio. Hillsdale & Lenawee Counties in Michigan) If all FCA schools participate that would equal 50 schools!

We plan to make this a competition between area FCA schools to raise money for hurricane relief, during a 5-month period (Oct 15 - March 15).  You may only be able to do one fund-raiser, or you may choose to do something each month.  It is totally up to you and your leadership.  If your school just recently did something, that is fine, you can still do something in the next month.

  • Each school should have one Huddle leader and at least one student representative to take point.
  • Each school should report progress/plans on the 15th of each month to Buckeye Border office.
  • Each school is responsible to have goals:
    • How much money AS A SCHOOL or DISTRICT they will collect. 
    • How will they reach out to the coaches, teams, classes, and community?

ALL funds will be used to directly help those in need. No administrative charges or fees will be taken from collected funds! 100% of your giving goes directly to those in need!

Suggestions for fund-raisers are listed to the side of this email. In the spring there is a goal to organize one big event (all schools) for a fundraiser for unity and fun. This could be a 5K run/walk.


NONE needed...we are coming together as ONE to help others. However, each participating school will get unifying t-shirts.

The winning school will get an athlete/coach celebrity to visit their school for a free assembly in March.

Most importantly...we are living out God's Word in loving others, serving, giving generously and sacrificially! We are coming together as ONE area for the sake of obedience and faith!

Whether your school raises $100 or $1,000 - it matters!

I'm pumped!!!! How about you? Are you in??

We plan to make this a competition between area FCA schools to raise money for hurricane relief, during a 5-month period (Oct 15 - March 15).

For more details please check the email sent on October 9th – if you did not receive it, please let me know.

I'm pumped!!!! How about you? Are you in??

The following 18 schools are in! (27 Huddles)

  • Archbold MS/HS
  • Bryan MS/HS
  • Clinton MS
  • Delta HS
  • Edgerton HS
  • Evergreen HS
  • Fairview HS
  • Fayette MS/HS
  • Hilltop MS/HS
  • Hudson MS/HS
  • Liberty Center MS/HS
  • Madison HS
  • Montpelier HS
  • Morenci MS/HS
  • North Central MS/HS
  • Onsted MS
  • Tinora HS
  • Wauseon MS/HS

*North Central has set a goal at $1,000 and is shouting out a challenge to the rest of you! Way to go Eagles! Soar high!  Onsted MS has replied and said they will take the $1,000 challenge!

Remember you have 5 months to reach your own goal…together we can do this as ONE!


CLICK HERE for a printable resource!

ONE in Action Ideas

There are many ideas you can use to raise funds for Hurricane Relief.  Here is one shared by Clinton Middle School: (Wauseon Middle School is familiar with this one)

Penny Pandemonium 

Each penny = 1 point

Every other coin = a negative of their own face value (a quarter = -25, a dime = -10, etc.)

Paper money = a negative of their own face value ($1 = -100, $5 = -500, etc.)

  • Each first hour classroom has a collection jar.
  • First hour classrooms compete against each other.
  • The goal is to have the MOST points, so first hour students add pennies to their OWN jars and other coins/paper bills to OTHER classroom jars.
  • Monies are collected and counted at the end of each day. The counting is a BIG job, but Student Council students love the task and it's totally worth the time spent on it. Last year we collected almost $2,000! (And we piggybacked a book collection with it and collected 1,648 children's books for Haiti).
  • Student Council posts a graph in the hallway showing each classroom's daily progress.

It gets crazy because students see who is in the lead and then sabotage the winning classrooms by adding paper bills and silver coins! They LOVE this challenge though and we all have fun predicting who will win.  Organized chaos for a VERY good cause!

Other Ideas:

  • Loose change drive - have a bucket sitting in the school office.
  • Ask permission from school to run the concession stand during a school function with profits to benefit Hurricane relief.
  • Sell Root beer floats during lunch. 
  • Host a bake sale.
  • North Central School did a "Hats for Harvey" where students paid $1 to wear a hat to school. They raised $700 in their school district that day!
  • Have a competition between classes (6th - 12th) or between teams.
  • Check with local restaurants - some will give you an evening where 10-15% of proceeds will benefit your cause.

Campus Huddle Outlook

We are excited about the new school year and all that God has in store for our campuses!  

But our presence in over 50 schools is nothing, if we are not living out our mission!  What is our mission?

“To present to coaches and athletes, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.”

FCA MUST stand out from all other clubs and organizations, because we are the living body of Jesus Christ with a powerful mission!  This year, we are asking all FCA Campus Huddles to fully engage and participate in making sure that the message of Jesus Christ is clear, our mission is clear, and that we are intentional about making an eternal impact.

I'm pumped about what God will do in NW Ohio and Southern Michigan this year!  Let's all join in praying that God gets all the glory!


Huddle Leader and Student Leader Training

Every Fall and Spring we encourage Huddle Leaders to attend our area training. Unfortunately, busy schedules and conflicts arise and not everyone can attend our training opportunities. So, at this website we hope to encourage you with two resources.

1. Local Training: Contact our office or staff to set up a personal training time in your school!

2. Online Help: FCA resources are available in one place, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can now browse over 1,700+ free FCA resources, share the resources for free with friends via text, email or post to your profile. Find devotional challenges, Bible studies, icebreakers, outreach ideas, videos, podcasts skits, wallpaper, articles, and more! Visit now! On-line training, social networking, and a discipleship program for athletes and coaches! You can view the site now at - enjoy!

Ministry Leader Application Form (MLA)

If you are an adult and desire to serve in the FCA ministry, complete and submit a MLA form.  This form is necessary and aids our staff in supervising our volunteers. 

Ministry Leader Application Form (MLA)

The Huddle Ministry of Buckeye Border

Listed are the schools currently participating in the Huddle Ministry in the Buckeye Border Area.

College Campus:

Adrian College

Defiance College

Hillsdale College Bible study

Siena Heights University Bible study


High School Campus:

Archbold High School

Antwerp High School

Ayersville High School

Bryan High School

Defiance High School

Delta High School      

Edgerton High School

Edon High School

Evergreen High School         

Fairview High School 

Fayette High School  

Hicksville High School           

Hilltop High School     

Hudson High School

Liberty Center High School

Madison High School

Montpelier High School

Morenci High School

Napoleon High School    

North Central High School

Pettisville High School           

Stryker High School  

Tecumseh High School         

Tinora High School

Wauseon High School



Middle School Campus:

Archbold Middle School         

Bryan Middle School 

Clinton Middle School

Defiance Middle School

Delta Middle School

Evergreen Middle School

Fairview Middle School  

Hilltop Middle School

Hudson Middle School

Liberty Center Middle School

Montpelier Middle School      

Morenci Middle School

Napoleon Middle School        

North Central Middle School

Onsted Middle School

Pettisville Middle School

Wauseon Middle School

Napoleon Elementary School! 

Coming Soon!  Blissfield HS, Sand Creek HS, Tinora MS, Wayne Trace HS, and more!