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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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We are so excited to share all the incredible things we have witnessed God do through FCA this past year!  Absolutely incredible!  But there is more to come!  There is more to do!  We have a strategic outline for 2019 and we need your help!  Your prayers empower us, and your financial gifts encourage us!   Click on this REPORT to see what took place in 2018 and what our strategy is for 2019!  Leadership Camp, Bibles, and additional staffing is part of this grand plan!  

Pause for a moment and consider all the pictures we post of Huddles meeting this Fall.  We have already distributed over 1,000 Bibles!  I'm on my last case of Bibles and need to order more...but we have to raise the funds first. 

Pause for a moment and consider all the pictures of students gathering with their teams to pray before and after competition.  Those courts and fields use to be empty.  Today thanks to this ministry and God's active Spirit in these kids, it's common to see your young people leading a prayer!   Your funding helps us visit these teams, encouraging, and empowering them to press on!

Picture a stadium of people supporting the ministry of FCA.  Picture those people as one who are praying and giving to FCA.  We need to fill a few more seats before December 31st.  Would you prayerfully consider a year-end gift of any amount to help us fill those seats?  

Think of it like this...if I went on Ticketmaster to purchase a ticket to watch Ohio State or Notre Dame's bowl game, I would have to pay $900-1,000 for a ticket down low.  Just for one game.  One moment.  Now consider purchasing a seat for FCA, a donation that could have an eternal impact!  Whatever you's worth it!

Thank you for prayerfully considering a one-time gift to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Click HERE to donate online.

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The Buckeye Border FCA Area  

The Buckeye Border FCA Area covers 5 counties in NW Ohio and 2 counties in SE Michigan.  Fourteen years ago we started this area with only 3 schools, no team times, no camps, and no school assemblies.  Our vision was to share Jesus in every school - whether FCA, Youth For Christ, Campus Crusade, or youth groups - seek to share Jesus!  In 14 years we have seen tremendous favor, as we are now in more than 50 schools, over 100 team times, dozens of school assemblies, a growing Leadership Camp, annual coaching clinics, and numerous life impacting events! We are reaching more than 15,000 students and coaches, as well as all whom they influence!  All praise and glory to God!


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