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A Message on being Coachable

Fall FCA Coaches Clinic

We thank God for another great opportunity to engage, equip, and empower our coaches and local leaders!  Professional Speaker, Team Culture Facilitator, Leadership Specialist and Coach Sue Ramsey did a fantastic job of leading and facilitating our time together.  She was a D2 National Coach of the Year, 35 years' experience coaching, an endless number of awards and Hall of Fame recognition, and now friend to many. 

With great appreciation, we say "Thanks" to The United Way of Fulton County for helping underwrite this event!

3 Dimensional Coaching Clinics


No doubt about it this generation of students and athletes are different than the past!  We are discovering that students are less motivated, more stressed, and lacking leadership skills.  At the same time, these same students are quick to volunteer, desire to help make a difference, and are incredibly sharp with technology.  And yet…there is a disconnect with their advancement and application.  How do we teach and motivate these students and athletes?

For years we have brought Dr. Jeff Duke into our area to speak at FCA Coaches Clinics.  His clinics are highly motivational and impacting.  Dr. Jeff Duke teaches this content at the University of Central Florida in the undergrad and graduate program.  Check out this video.   This second video gives a short overview of 3D Coaching as presented by Dr. Jeff Duke.

The complete online academy is linked here:

Although we use the term “coach” on this website, this information is especially helpful to teachers as well!  From here on, I will use the term “coach” in describing my audience.

One of the main objectives of the 3Dimensional Coaching curriculum is that each coach will understand his/her ‘transformational purpose’ in coaching.  If coaches don’t take the time to define his/her PURPOSE in coaching, the sport culture will define it for him/her… and that purpose will always be about WINNING.  Winning is a good goal, but a poor PURPOSE.  If it’s all about winning only, then coaches will be transactional in the ways they relate to their players, and this always runs the risk of athletes being misused, abused or frustrated.  But if a coach understands his/her purpose, and has a purpose statement in writing, that statement can act as a filter for every interaction and activity that takes place within the athletic program.  At this point, sport is no longer EXTRA-curricular, but is CO-curricular because coaches can become much more intentional about teaching and modeling the importance of relationships and core values.  A transformational coach essentially extends the classroom time for 2-3 hours a day, all by the way he or she coaches.  Once a coach has defined his/her purpose, we aim to help coaches develop a 3Dimensional STRATEGY to fulfill their transformational purpose statement.

As a certified presenter with over 25 years of public speaking, my presentation for the 1 ½ to 2 hour clinic would include:

Introduction & overview of the 3Dimensional Coaching philosophy
- Explain what research says about 21st century athlete & need to engage relationally
- Diagnostics of what has changed culturally in the past 2 generations
- Create a case for writing a “Transformational Purpose Statement” for coaching to help define the “why” behind the x’s and o’s
- Explain the results of creating a level 2 and 3 strategy

  • Motivation – how do you motivate students and athletes today.
  • Diagnosing how today’s athlete is primarily motivated by the extrinsic of position, playing time, and potential scholarship
  • Diagnose the monetization of youth sports and how that is effecting our ability to motivate
  • Help coaches develop a strategy to intrinsically motivate their athletes


If you would like more information concerning the 3Dimensional Coaching opportunity, please email or call me.






Coaches, Looking For Help?

If you are a coach and you need some help - allow us to walk by your side and assist. How?

Team Time - Once a week, we will come in or train one of your staff to spend 5-10 minutes at practice to work on team building and discussing Team characteristics. This is not a Bible study, strictly character focus.

Resources - We have various books, magazines, and devotionals, available to challenge and encourage you as a coach.  Yearly we offer leadership training seminars and opportunities for marriage retreats!

Encouragement - We always want to help out coaches and their spouses during busy seasons.

Send an email - contact us if you need help!





How about handling a sports banquet?  This little piece of advice gives some help for the purpose and value of a banquet.


How about some of our favorite authors?

Todd Gongwer - Lead For God's Sake

Jon Gordon - Energy Bus, Training Camp, and many more! &

Joe Ehrman - Inside Out Coaching                                        

Joe Gibbs - Game Plan For Life

Anything by John Maxwell!


Great resources!          Regional Site              National Site FCA Baseball Cross Training Publishing




Team Building:






We recommend many books, but there is one we want to highlight entitled, Lead For God’s Sake, by Todd Gongwer.  His book and his words of encouragement have been life impacting!

Our FCA staff highly encourages coaches, teachers, those in leadership position, and anyone breathing to read this book!  We have extra copies on hand for the next twenty people wanting a copy!  Here is what others have said about this book: 

“Powerful…I loved it! Can’t wait to share with my friends, colleagues and players. – Anna Welsh, Head Softball Coach, Bethel College, Indiana

“Lead... for God's Sake! is one of the BEST books I have ever read. As a teacher and coach it spoke loudly to me but as an individual it continues to move something deep inside my heart. I couldn't put this book down while I was reading it and now that I am finished I can't stop thinking about it. I am now working on leading for "GOD'S" sake!” -Kim Pepple, 5th grade teacher, girl's varsity soccer coach, boys varsity assistant tennis coach, Adrian, Michigan

“Most books you read and forget. This book does let you forget because it reaches more than your brain. It leaves an imprint upon your heart and soul.” -Paige and Dave Miller, track and cross country coach/teacher, Michigan

“[Lead…for God’s Sake!] is amazing…I think it touches everyone in some capacity. It is a must read for anyone who deals with people and is charged with leading others. –Tony Alford, Wide Receivers Coach, University of Notre Dame Football

“[Lead…for God’s Sake!] is a book I could not put down. Every parent, coach, manager, and leader should read it. I wish I had read it 30 years ago.” -Lou Holtz, College Football Hall of Fame Coach, ESPN Analyst

“Seldom have I found this kind of practical wisdom presented in such a delightful, engaging and compelling narrative. As a business leader, I found its “takeaways” right on target-touching life where the rubber meets the road. I wasn’t able to put it down. It’s that good!” -John D. Beckett Chairman, The Beckett Companies; Author, Loving Monday and Mastering Monday

“Lead…for God’s Sake! is the best book I have ever read! It is an incredible reminder of the gift that we have been given to lead and develop people in a positive way.” -Bubba Cunningham, Director of Athletics, University of Tulsa

“I could not put this book down. It transcends culture, gender, economics, and is something that anyone can relate to. What a message! Simplicity in Christ is the key to success." -Monty Williams, Head Coach, New Orleans Hornets

“Wow, great stuff. As I read I couldn’t stop thinking about all the coaches that would benefit from this book (as well as business and church leaders). I highly recommend this book for all coaches to read!" – Rex Stump, Area Director Northwest Ohio Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Ohio