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Coaches Clinic

I was greatly encouraged by our recent FCA Coach’s Clinic. I appreciated all the coaches who attended and took time to drive to Archbold, and participate in another opportunity to better themselves, SO THAT they can impact the life of a student in a positive manner.

The challenges that a coach may face today is real! Physical, mental, spiritual, relational, personal, work, etc. It’s not easy, and there is no “Easy-Button.” Our Coaching Clinics are meat to help encourage, empower, and equip each coach to make it on their journey as a coach.

Here is my “Top Ten List” for what I learned at our most recent clinic:

1. How will you be remembered? What kind of legacy will you leave? (Noah)

2. Failure teaches us – Failure is fuel. A problem is that our kids (and even the parents) are afraid of failing, so they don’t try, take risks, etc.

3. Belief dictates performance.

4.. Connect and Compliment!

  • BUG (Build Up Game – have players partner up at practice and “Bug” each other – compliment each other for practice efforts, personalities, etc.)
  • Connect – physical touch is good. Study of NBA teams that were physical with positive touches – Kevin Garnett (MVP) and Boston Celtics (Champions).
  • Physical touch raises energy. High five-zone in your school.

5. Self-evaluation, and player evaluation is valuable. (What did I do today that was good? What do I need to work on? etc.)

6. U.R.O.K (You rock & You Are Okay) When it’s good – You Rock! When it’s bad – You are okay.  Learn to give yourself credit for doing good. Reinforce good habits/behaviors.

7. What can we control? Attitude, Effort, and Body Language.

8. Study of 50 thoughts running through our mind every minute. How many are negative? Positive? 74% negative. MLB average is .260. Hmmm..

  • Change the negative thoughts from 74% to a lower percentage. How? Talk aloud.
  • Read Bible verses, quotes aloud.
  • Fix your thoughts on godly things – on things above.

9. Do a highlight video, 3-4 minutes of your players doing things the right way. Have them watch those as well, reinforcing that they can succeed.

10. Bully vs. Champion. The bully is the negative thought – the champion is what you are going to say to combat the bully.

  • Read I Samuel 17:16 and see how Goliath (Bully) spoke negative things to the Israelites every morning and evening for 40 days! Talk about creating a bad habit! They were defeated before they ever walked on the battlefield. David (Champion) arrived on day 40 and heard Goliath ranting. He couldn’t believe his ears, volunteered to beat the bully, and ran into battle! David wins! Defeat the negative voice!
  • You were challenged to say your power statement everyday 400 times, for 7 days.

Those were my top ten for the day. Of course I didn’t even mention “Green light, yellow light, and red light” thinking. Green light you are in the zone, yellow light stop and take a deep breath to refocus, red light take a deep breath and add a physical motion/element to refocus.

We remind our coaches, that we can’t compliment, encourage, or inspire our players alone. WE must be filled with truth, hope, love, peace, and joy – if we expect to pour the same into our team. God’s Word is where I find words of truth and hope. God’s Spirit empowers me. How about you? FCA has resources to daily encourage coaches to grow spiritually. Just let us know how we can help.

Was our clinic to 38 coaches important? Consider this thought; I asked the coaches to tell me how many students they directly work with/coach. That number added to well over 1,000 athletes directly! Let’s multiply that by their parents (1-2) – which gives us 1,500 more. Then toss in those who are indirectly impacted (friends, community, family, etc.), that’s at least another 4,000 minimum! Which means because of Saturday’s clinic, we have the potential to impact 6,500 people this year! If a team is praying after games on the field of play, that number is multiplied even more! Wow!

What did our coaches have to say about this clinic?

“This most recent Coach's clinic was great. I always appreciate the knowledgeable presenter that comes to speak. Rex, you always do a fantastic job of locating people in influential occupations who have a heart for kids and only want to have them succeed, both in sports and in life. Thank you for your commitment to our kids and to FCA!” Shawna Rauch

“Great clinic for coaches of ANY sport. Zach Sorensen shared some great tips for getting the most out of ALL your players and ways we as coaches can improve performance.” Todd Grosjean

“This clinic not only empowers you to think about changes you can make within your program/athletes, but also equips you on how you can take steps to getting changes made.” Jill Holdgreve

“I loved Zach's presentation! I have started using some of his ideas in my kindergarten class and look forward to using them with my softball players in the spring. Control what you can... attitude and effort has always been a favorite line of mine, what a great idea to add body language into that phrase! Zach was energetic and helped me think about the way I address my own daughters after a game.” Amy Hill, Hudson

“The clinic Saturday was outstanding. It was a mix of baseball, coaching tips, leadership info, and a great message to share with the student-athletes we can reach. Zach did a wonderful job of sharing and inspiring!” Best, Chris

The coach’s clinic was great, I am thankful that it was about the mental and spiritual aspects of coaching. It was exactly what I needed to hear. John Rodifer

Zach Sorensen clinic was awesome. He provided great tips to improve athletes' mental game that are simple for coaches to implement and see results the first day. I highly recommend his program and would encourage coaches of all levels to attend his clinics! Kent Hutchison

The Coaches Clinic really opened my eyes to some different ways of coaching and has encouraged me to start reading more spiritual driven leadership books. I've already started reading the book, Lead for God's Sake and it has already moved me to coach and lead with more heart and not as much treasures and hatchets. Joshua D. Radel, Evergreen Girls Varsity Soccer Coach.

Thank you so much for the clinic last weekend. It was so refreshing to sit in a room of not just colleagues and other coaches, but in a room with fellow believers in Jesus Christ. This clinic was so uplifting to me and it reminded me once again why I do what I do. My passion for coaching is not about having the best batting averages or the lowest ERAs. I feel that God has put me in my position to positively impact the lives of my players by helping them to see their potential and to build their self-confidence, which will hopefully carry over into all areas of life. Both you and Zac presented such a positive message that I hope to help spread to others I come in contact with. Thanks again for impacting my life in a short time! Andrea Thiel

The Coaches Clinic was amazing I learned a lot from the speaker who was Zach Sorensen. He had so many good points that I could write a couple paragraphs about it. The highlights for me that I will tell my kids are the stories about the gutter guy and the “UROK” double meaning. Loved that the most. Thanks for the invite to attend. Toby Zimmerman

Zach was a fantastic guest speaker. His passion and examples of positive reinforcements were well thought out and well researched. I will be looking forward to using some of his techniques this spring and in my classroom. Rex, I really enjoyed your question of “What kind of legacy will you leave?”. I have done a lot of reflecting on this, not only with my coaching, but also as a teacher. Just a great job by you and those who helped you!! Jonathan Fether

The clinic was a great way to get ready for the upcoming travel basketball season. After coaching volleyball, I was left feeling drained. A nice refresher with new ideas that will definitely be implemented! Sarah Clark

"The message that Zach Sorensen brought to us coaches in northwest Ohio was very inspiring. A lot of great ideas and inspiration on dealing with the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of helping an athlete become the best he can be."  Dick Selgo






With great appreciation, we say "Thanks" to The United Way of Fulton County for helping underwrite this event!

3 Dimensional Coaching Clinics


No doubt about it this generation of students and athletes are different than the past!  We are discovering that students are less motivated, more stressed, and lacking leadership skills.  At the same time, these same students are quick to volunteer, desire to help make a difference, and are incredibly sharp with technology.  And yet…there is a disconnect with their advancement and application.  How do we teach and motivate these students and athletes?

For years we have brought Dr. Jeff Duke into our area to speak at FCA Coaches Clinics.  His clinics are highly motivational and impacting.  Dr. Jeff Duke teaches this content at the University of Central Florida in the undergrad and graduate program.  Check out this video.   This second video gives a short overview of 3D Coaching as presented by Dr. Jeff Duke.

The complete online academy is linked here:

Although we use the term “coach” on this website, this information is especially helpful to teachers as well!  From here on, I will use the term “coach” in describing my audience.

One of the main objectives of the 3Dimensional Coaching curriculum is that each coach will understand his/her ‘transformational purpose’ in coaching.  If coaches don’t take the time to define his/her PURPOSE in coaching, the sport culture will define it for him/her… and that purpose will always be about WINNING.  Winning is a good goal, but a poor PURPOSE.  If it’s all about winning only, then coaches will be transactional in the ways they relate to their players, and this always runs the risk of athletes being misused, abused or frustrated.  But if a coach understands his/her purpose, and has a purpose statement in writing, that statement can act as a filter for every interaction and activity that takes place within the athletic program.  At this point, sport is no longer EXTRA-curricular, but is CO-curricular because coaches can become much more intentional about teaching and modeling the importance of relationships and core values.  A transformational coach essentially extends the classroom time for 2-3 hours a day, all by the way he or she coaches.  Once a coach has defined his/her purpose, we aim to help coaches develop a 3Dimensional STRATEGY to fulfill their transformational purpose statement.

As a certified presenter with over 25 years of public speaking, my presentation for the 1 ½ to 2 hour clinic would include:

Introduction & overview of the 3Dimensional Coaching philosophy
- Explain what research says about 21st century athlete & need to engage relationally
- Diagnostics of what has changed culturally in the past 2 generations
- Create a case for writing a “Transformational Purpose Statement” for coaching to help define the “why” behind the x’s and o’s
- Explain the results of creating a level 2 and 3 strategy

  • Motivation – how do you motivate students and athletes today.
  • Diagnosing how today’s athlete is primarily motivated by the extrinsic of position, playing time, and potential scholarship
  • Diagnose the monetization of youth sports and how that is effecting our ability to motivate
  • Help coaches develop a strategy to intrinsically motivate their athletes


If you would like more information concerning the 3Dimensional Coaching opportunity, please email or call me.






Coaches, Looking For Help?

If you are a coach and you need some help - allow us to walk by your side and assist. How?

Team Time - Once a week, we will come in or train one of your staff to spend 5-10 minutes at practice to work on team building and discussing Team characteristics. This is not a Bible study, strictly character focus.

Resources - We have various books, magazines, and devotionals, available to challenge and encourage you as a coach.  Yearly we offer leadership training seminars and opportunities for marriage retreats!

Encouragement - We always want to help out coaches and their spouses during busy seasons.

Send an email - contact us if you need help!





How about handling a sports banquet?  This little piece of advice gives some help for the purpose and value of a banquet.


How about some of our favorite authors?

Todd Gongwer - Lead For God's Sake

Jon Gordon - Energy Bus, Training Camp, and many more! &

Joe Ehrman - Inside Out Coaching                                        

Joe Gibbs - Game Plan For Life

Anything by John Maxwell!


Great resources!          Regional Site              National Site FCA Baseball Cross Training Publishing




Team Building:






We recommend many books, but there is one we want to highlight entitled, Lead For God’s Sake, by Todd Gongwer.  His book and his words of encouragement have been life impacting!

Our FCA staff highly encourages coaches, teachers, those in leadership position, and anyone breathing to read this book!  We have extra copies on hand for the next twenty people wanting a copy!  Here is what others have said about this book: 

“Powerful…I loved it! Can’t wait to share with my friends, colleagues and players. – Anna Welsh, Head Softball Coach, Bethel College, Indiana

“Lead... for God's Sake! is one of the BEST books I have ever read. As a teacher and coach it spoke loudly to me but as an individual it continues to move something deep inside my heart. I couldn't put this book down while I was reading it and now that I am finished I can't stop thinking about it. I am now working on leading for "GOD'S" sake!” -Kim Pepple, 5th grade teacher, girl's varsity soccer coach, boys varsity assistant tennis coach, Adrian, Michigan

“Most books you read and forget. This book does let you forget because it reaches more than your brain. It leaves an imprint upon your heart and soul.” -Paige and Dave Miller, track and cross country coach/teacher, Michigan

“[Lead…for God’s Sake!] is amazing…I think it touches everyone in some capacity. It is a must read for anyone who deals with people and is charged with leading others. –Tony Alford, Wide Receivers Coach, University of Notre Dame Football

“[Lead…for God’s Sake!] is a book I could not put down. Every parent, coach, manager, and leader should read it. I wish I had read it 30 years ago.” -Lou Holtz, College Football Hall of Fame Coach, ESPN Analyst

“Seldom have I found this kind of practical wisdom presented in such a delightful, engaging and compelling narrative. As a business leader, I found its “takeaways” right on target-touching life where the rubber meets the road. I wasn’t able to put it down. It’s that good!” -John D. Beckett Chairman, The Beckett Companies; Author, Loving Monday and Mastering Monday

“Lead…for God’s Sake! is the best book I have ever read! It is an incredible reminder of the gift that we have been given to lead and develop people in a positive way.” -Bubba Cunningham, Director of Athletics, University of Tulsa

“I could not put this book down. It transcends culture, gender, economics, and is something that anyone can relate to. What a message! Simplicity in Christ is the key to success." -Monty Williams, Head Coach, New Orleans Hornets

“Wow, great stuff. As I read I couldn’t stop thinking about all the coaches that would benefit from this book (as well as business and church leaders). I highly recommend this book for all coaches to read!" – Rex Stump, Area Director Northwest Ohio Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Ohio