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FCA Leadership Camp 2018


FCA Leadership Camp

July 13-17, 2019 

What are Leadership Camps?  

Leadership Camps are for student-athletes, Huddle Coaches and volunteers who serve as leaders on their local campuses and in their communities. The camp focuses on teaching practical skills for Christian growth, the development as an effective campus leader and the training for spiritual, organizational and motivational tools for use in the FCA Campus Ministry.

2019 Camp has been moved to Michindoh! (Hillsdale, MI.)

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2018 FCA Leadership Camp - Strong!

On July 11th, 22 college students and camp staff showed up a day early to train and prepare for our 2018 FCA Leadership Camp. I’m always impressed with the incredible and godly young people that God brings our way to help lead this camp! After a few minutes, it was obvious that God orchestrated an incredible staff for camp!

“The leaders are great, bring them ALL back next year!!” Camper

“FCA staff you have been so, so, so, so amazing through this camp. I hope to see you again next year!” Camper

On the following day campers began to arrive, unpack, and kick off their camp experience. We had 90 campers and staff always with 10+ other volunteers who came and served at camp. We were blessed to have Kathleen Miller lead us in worship most of the camp, with Will Hopkins leading in our last chapel. Pastor Jon Bruney, Barb Roose, Alfonso Mack, and Rex Stump were our chapel speakers. Teaching the solid truths from God’s Word.

They did an amazing job and really had some touching messages.” Camper

Every speaker spoke TRUTH about the spiritual battle we are facing. Sometimes I think adults feel a need to leave out those types of details with younger kids, but these kids are facing HARD things and they need to be taught how to fight. So, I really appreciate how everyone spoke those truths gently during camp.” Huddle Leader

Throughout the four days, campers experienced a wide variety of leadership activities to encourage, equip, and empower them to be better leaders for Jesus Christ. Sue Ramsey stopped by for two days to lead us in "Leadership and Team Building" Activities. Coach Ramsey's 35 years of coaching, was valuable in teaching us. We also held training sessions with Rick Straley & Vic Cales (Witness Power/Sharing your Faith), and Rex Stump (Prayer Power & Lesson Power).

“I loved how practical and applicable each strength training session as. You guys really gave them great tools to take back to their schools.” Huddle Leader 

“I just want to thank all of you, this has changed my life completely! God bless you all!” Camper

Other elements of camp included Dogpatch, also known as competition! Each day for around 2-3 hours Huddles would compete in various games. Starting and ending with prayer, a lot of sweat, and a time of debriefing we aimed to teach students how to compete with excellence and in a way that honors God.

“I changed so much this year and would love it for all competitions were like how they were here.” Camper

Of course, we gave the kids some free time and they spent it playing more games, yard games, swimming in the pool, pond, fishing, kayaking, and even…taking a well needed nap!

I saved the best news for last…changed lives. We know that seven campers gave their life to Jesus Christ for the first time! We know that 44 campers made recommitments and 13 felt like God was specifically directing them to do something (share the Gospel, better prayer time, etc.). The prayer prior to and during camp mattered! God changes lives for eternity!

“This is the best camp I have ever been too!” It brought me closer to God! Camper

This camp continues to grow! Praise God! Because of the expected numbers and continued improvements to the schedule, we are making a change to next year’s camp. We are moving location to Michindoh Conference Center in Hillsdale, MI. The date is July 13-17 – we extended camp ANOTHER DAY!

We thank God and give Him all the glory for what we witnessed at camp! We ask that you pray for our campers and staff. Pray that they finish strong! They will face a spiritual battle ahead, but they have learned to be faith strong! They will fight strong, because they are family strong!

We asked the campers, “What was the most meaningful thing to you at camp?” and here are some of their replies:

“This was the best camp I ever went to…thank you!

“Thanks for the best camp ever! It is the most fun and most encouraging camp to learn about God.”

“Camp really gave me a ton of confidence. Our group was amazing, and it feels like I have known them for year. We are already planning to meet up again. You guys did amazing with this camp and God revealed himself SO much.”

“I love you all! I've loved watching the staff grow as much as the students. Thank you, thank you for the love you all portray, it's beautiful.”

“Thank you so much for making this possible. You have impacted so many lives, so thank you. Keep fighting the good fight!”

“I love it how people here don't care how you look but they love to inspire people to learn about the Lord and give happiness to everybody. My Huddle leaders played the role of a brother. They helped me when I felt sad. They inspired me to go 100% and that God loves me. I'm thankful for meeting these amazing, kind-hearted Huddle leaders. They care so much about the Lord and me that I may burst with happiness.”

“THANK YOU! I had an absolute blast and God worked in my life while being here. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to be here and be in this community. Thank you for all your efforts to make this such a huge success!! God is faithful!” Huddle Leader

Thanks again to all who donated to this camp! We used up every single dollar for scholarships and resources. Your investment was well worth every single dollar! Keep praying all who attended as they head back to their homes, schools, and teams!

Check Out the Daily Videos by Mike Martinelli!

Day One Camp Pictures

FCA Leadership Camp Day 2

FCA Leadership Camp Day 3