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“Summer camp,” two words that are packed with all kinds of images, memories, and expectations! Summer camp is where you experience things you’ve never done before. It’s a place of laughter and joy. Summer camp is sunshine, swimming, games, ice cream, singing, and making new friends! Can you picture it? The Buckeye Border FCA Leadership camp contained all these things and so much more!

On July 13, 119 campers, 20 Huddle leaders, and more than 20 staff and volunteers showed up at the Michindoh Retreat Center in Hillsdale, Michigan for our annual FCA Leadership Camp. Our numbers almost doubled from 2018’s camp!

We kicked off camp by sharing our high expectations with the campers! We are here to get ripped and equipped for Jesus Christ! We are expecting God to take transform our lives at camp! HE DID!

It was at this camp, 25 students prayed and asked Jesus Christ to be the Lord of their life. They confessed with their mouths and believed in their hearts that Jesus Christ is Lord. Another 75+ said, “I’m a child of God, I have already prayed and asked Jesus to be the Lord of my life, but I’m recommitting my life to live for Him daily.” WOW! Spiritual transformation took place at this camp – no doubt about it!

Every chapel contained genuine worship, challenging messages, confession, and tears of repentance and joy. We witnessed four straight nights of sincere repentance and worship. Worship leader Ben DeLong, speakers Vic Cales and Barb Roose were fantastic and dynamic in providing us the atmosphere and tools to draw closer to God. Guest speaker Brian Smith, Tanya Crevier, Pastor Paul Porter, Court Coaches, and others gave us incredible challenges and showed us how to incorporate our faith into sport. Our Huddle Leaders (Current and post college age students) did an astounding job with the campers! Their energy and spiritual leadership were the backbones of the camp! It was spiritually amazing!

Although chapel was the number one thing the campers loved…they also engaged in Huddle activities, competition, and good ole’ camp fun! The waterfront was a hit, including the waterslide and blob! Archery battle, the climbing wall, banana boat, and the high ropes course challenged the students to do something new and adventurous. Mad Ball and Gold Rush, two favorite camp games didn’t disappoint us, as students competed and got sweaty for Jesus!

This camp is one of the best things you can do to help your student grow spiritually and prepare for their upcoming school year. It is a camp every coach should support and send their athletes to. So, mark your calendars NOW for next year - July 18-22! Plan around it!

I believe what the campers and huddle leaders had to say, are powerful testimonies to what God did at our FCA Leadership Camp! I can’t wait till next year! But until then…let us live out the mission in which God has called us! Go Big, Go Bold, Go Build, Go Beyond! LET’S GO!!!!!

We asked the campers, “What was the most meaningful part of camp?” (Keep in mind that this camp had a variety of activities, games, challenges, etc.) Chapel was the number one answer, and then the next two (distant) responses were “worship” and “relationships that were made!” We had an amazing waterfront, games, competition, gym, etc., and yet what did the kids like most? Expanding their relationship with God and each other!

We asked the campers, “How can we improve camp?” Here are the top three answers! As always, the number one answer by 30% of the campers…make camp longer! 25% of the campers said, “Nothing, it was awesome”. “You don’t need to, it was perfect!” You just can’t get enough camp!!

Since I’m the Director, you may think I’m a little biased about this camp. Take time and read the comments from our campers and huddle leaders!

Quotes from the campers

“Thank you so much for putting all your heart into this camp and making it the best. So thankful for growing closer to God and making so many friendships!”

“I never felt so close to God in my life!” 

“I loved it; I can't wait for next year!”

“FCA Camp really helped me to connect to God.”  

“Thank you for making this the best camp ever, and everything you did. I had a great experience and plan to come back again! Thank you!”


“This camp was amazing. Thanks for letting me experience something epic!” 

“You are amazing and I'm sooooooo thankful for all of you.” 

 “This is the best camp ever!!!” 

 “Thank you for having me, you brought Jesus and God in my life.” 

 “Thank you so much for this amazing experience. I literally loved the whole camp and hopefully next year is even better. Thank you all!!”

 “I love this camp!” 

 “Love you all, thanks for a great 5 days, I will miss it until next year!” 

 “Thank you so much for such an amazing week!!! It was truly life-changing.” 

 “I just want to say thank you for being awesome and thanks for the huddle leaders. They were so fun and very easy to talk to about anything I have become very close with them and they have become my mentors.” 

‘I love this camp, it helped me grow closer to God.”  

“Thank you for making this such a great experience and for helping me build my relationship with God.” 

“Thank you for everything you helped me accomplish. I have learned so much about myself this week, I am so grateful for each and every one of you, especially my Huddle leaders. I became a better person than when I came here, and I feel more open. With love,” 

“For the longest time I have held in the past year of my life. The stress, the over-thinking the rollercoaster and for the first time in a long time I heard God speak. That whisper.

Quotes from the Huddle leaders!

It was so awesome to see the Spirit move in the kids and staff and to see weights lifted.”

“This went deeper and more direct than I expected and thought they would comprehend, awesome!”

“I love you guys and I am grateful to have been here and working with everyone was a blast. Thanks for encouraging me and pushing me in areas that I'm weak in. I couldn't be more thankful.”

“This was honestly my best God experience ever. Watching him allow so many people to step out of their comfort zones was incredible. Even though I was very nervous for camp, I quickly realized God had it right when He brought me here. I'm glad I listened to him, and I'm glad I got to share this experience with so many wonderful people. I have grown so much in my own faith this week. Thank you for thinking of me when selecting Huddle leaders. This is an experience I will not forget. Camp has changed me and my life forever.”

“I feel very blessed to be part of something so much bigger than myself, spending time and taking opportunities to get to know campers, and the relationship of the FCA Staff.”

“I have never felt more moved during worship in my relationship with God. I truly felt my prayers were answered. I feel so blessed to have been called to share my testimony and allow kids to relate to my story coming to Christ. He is so powerful!”

“I think camp was amazing. The activities games were very unique, and the kids enjoyed them. The chapel was amazing, and I could literally feel the Holy Spirit move in the room at every chapel.”

“Can I just say, wow. This week I heard God speak so loudly, louder than I've heard Him speak in a while. I struggled because I had to go back to the basics and I found that out 2 days in. Honestly, my campers just needed someone to listen. But God is good and I'm so thankful for His calling me to FCA Camp.”

“This camp changed my life forever!”

Thanks again to all who donated to this camp! We used up every single dollar for scholarships and resources. Your investment was well worth every single dollar! Keep praying all who attended as they head back to their homes, schools, and teams!

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2020 Buckeye Border FCA Leadership Camp

  • July 18-22, 2020
  • Michindoh Conference Center, Hillsdale, MI

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