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Fields of Faith

Fields of Faith

Fields of Faith, the brainchild of then Oklahoma FCA Area Director, Jeff Martin, began on October 13, 2004. On that date approximately 6,000 students joined together on school athletic fields in the states of Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. Their purpose was to join together in a student led event in which fellowship and prayers are shared, as well as many accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior. The interdenominational event provides students the opportunity to come together and share their personal testimonies, the love of Jesus Christ, and to pray for all topics and concerns. Since 2004 students have assembled on the second Wednesday in October!

The historical beginning of Fields of Faith in Northwest Ohio is quite similar to the National origin.  Rick Straley, FCA Area Representative in Defiance County (Hicksville), felt compelled to initiate a Fields of Faith in his area, along with other student leaders. A small group of student leaders and Rick began making plans and held our first area FOF event in Hicksville in 2010. A year later, Wauseon student leaders soon decided to do the same. Student leadership has shifted from one school (Wauseon) to two schools (Wauseon and Archbold).  This year student leaders from 4 area schools (Archbold, Liberty Center, North Central, and Wauseon) shared responsibility in planning and promoting the event! Meanwhile Hicksville has held their Fields of Faith the past six years with student leadership coming from Hicksville and Fairview.

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